Bardomatic: Using Open Shakespeare to Create Games

February 7, 2013 in CultureLabs, Featured

At the Open Knowledge Foundation we believe there is a great deal of unrealised potential in the amount of openly licensed digitised cultural heritage material available on the web for creating educational resources.

It has been great to see the Open Humanities Working Group addressing this challenge. Over the last three weeks they have been building a fantastic online app called Bardomatic. Based on the CrowdCrafting platform, Bardomatic tests your knowledge of Shakespeare’s plays using openly licensed content derived from Open Shakespeare.

You are given a short quote from one of the Bard’s famous works and asked to identify the play it comes from:


You are then told if your answer is correct:


It was hacked together by volunteers from our Open Humanities Working group on their weekly Google+ Hangout and shows the kind of creativity that can be unleashed once cultural content is released under an open license (not to mention the fun that can be had in the making!).

The Open Humanities Working group will now be developing a scoreboard for the game and will continue to add in sections of text for consumption by the app. If you’d like to join the hangout, sign-up to the Open Humanities mailing list where the Hangout links are circulated every Tuesday at 5pm GMT.


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