Announcing the OpenGLAM Working Group

July 25, 2013 in Featured, Working Group

Last month we announced the OpenGLAM advisory board which is made up of high-profile advocates for openness within the cultural heritage sector. Hereby we would like to introduce an other vital group of the OpenGLAM network: the Working Group members.

The Members act as a bridge between different organisations and initiatives who work to open up digitised heritage, and the global network. The working group stays in close contact with the advisory board who provides guidance and gives feedback on key strategic issues. The members meet every month virtually to share knowledge, ask questions, work on projects and give updates about open culture data from around the world.

During our monthly calls we are also very happy to welcome new potential members who are interested in setting up a local initiative in their country and are seeking advice. This has for example already led to the formation of OpenGLAM Austria in the last weeks!

We are extremely happy with the current group and the diversity of different organisations, initiatives and institutions they represent. Go to the OpenGLAM Working Group page to see all their faces and read what they are up to.

Want to know more about the OpenGLAM Working Group, and how to join? Please get in touch

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