Open Culture at OKCon, 16th-18th September 2013


At the Open Knowledge Foundation’s forthcoming annual conference in Geneva open culture activities will be well represented. A series of talks and presentations will be given on a variety of aspects of the movement to open more of the world’s cultural heritage data and content.

Jill Cousins, Executive Director of the Europeana Foundation, will give a keynote on her pioneering work persuading Europe’s cultural institutions to adopt open licenses for their metadata. She will be joined by Merete Sanderhoff from the Danish Statens Museum for Kunst as well as the winner of the Open Humanities Awards: Bernhard Haslhofer who will present his work on an open source tools for working with digitised maps. The session entitled “Building the Cultural Commons” will also include presentations from two prominent researchers Anna Gold and Nicole Beale looking at how open data can benefit smalls museums and universities in particular.

On Monday an invite-only session with representatives from Swiss cultural institutions will be convened in order to kick-start more OpenGLAM activity in the region and raise awareness about the value of open content and open data in this field. The main conference will benefit from a round-up of what was achieved on that action planning session.

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