Getting ready for the OpenGLAM benchmark survey

July 29, 2014 in Events/Workshops, Featured

Since early 2014, a group of people from national chapters of the Open Knowledge Foundation, Wikimedia chapters, NGOs, cultural heritage and research institutions has been working on preparing the OpenGLAM benchmark survey. This online survey will measure the state of advancement of OpenGLAM in various countries around the world (for example regarding digitization, inter-organisational cooperation involving the exchange of metadata, open data, crowdsourcing, linked data) and identify the main challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of the promotion of open cultural data and free access to knowledge. The initiative is inspired by the pilot survey carried out among Swiss heritage institutions by the Bern University of Applied Sciences in fall 2012.

At the Open Knowledge festival a dedicated session to the OpenGLAM benchmark survey was hosted to share information about the ongoing work and to give new countries the ability to join the survey. After a brief introduction to the goals of the survey and the work that has been done so far by Beat Estermann (Bern University of Applied Sciences), representatives from three participating countries presented their national context with regard to open cultural data and their way of implementing the survey: Joris Pekel (the Netherlands), Laura Sillanpää (Finland) and Subhashish Panigrahi (India).

The situation around open cultural data and OpenGLAM in various countries is of course quite different: the OpenGLAM benchmark survey can function as a useful tool for better understanding the particularities of each country, put insights gained into a broader perspective and better adapt strategies and best practices to the specific situation of each country. New countries are very welcome to join the survey: if your country is not yet in the list of participating countries, you can either leave a message on the discussion page or contact Beat Estermann to get involved. If you would like to join one of the existing teams, you can contact the local coordinator.


During the upcoming Wikimania conference (6-10 August, London) you’ll also have a chance to hear more about the OpenGLAM benchmark survey. The session Promoting OpenGLAM:  Exchange of Experiences and Best Practices will focus on sharing experiences related to the promotion of OpenGLAM and GLAM-Wiki cooperations, and the role the OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey can play in this respect.

Beat Estermann presenting at the "Introduction to the OpenGLAM benchmark Survey project" at the Open Knowledge Festival, Berlin on 17 July 2014.

Beat Estermann presenting at the “Introduction to the OpenGLAM benchmark Survey project” at the Open Knowledge Festival, Berlin on 17 July 2014.

The full notes of the OKFestival session are available through this Etherpad: more information on the OpenGLAM benchmark survey can be found on the coordination portal.

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