Open Collections: Recommended Tags

This is a list of tags to be used when suggesting contributions to the OpenGLAM Open Collections. If you have any more tag ideas to be added email us getinvolved{at}

Agriculture Geography Paintings
Architecture History Pamphlets
Art Deco Illuminations Philosophy
Art Nouveau Illustrations Photographs
Astronomy Impressionism Poetry
Baroque Incunabula Political science
Biology Jewellery Postcard
Books Kitsch Posters
Cartoons Landscape Prints
Contemporary Letters and Correspondence Rare Books
Digital Art Magazines, Journals and Yearbooks Realism
Drawings Manuscripts Religion
Education Maps Renaissance
Engravings Medicine Romanesque
Expressionism Medieval Sculpture
Fashion Minimalism Sound
Fiction Modernism Street Art
Fine Art Music Textiles
Photography Natural History Theatre
Folk Art Newspapers Video
Futurism Non-fiction